International Study Visa/Permit

Preparing and applying to study in a foreign country can be a long and exhausting process for most students. With more than a dozen countries that may appeal to you, it will also open up a whole treasure trove of education courses and opportunities waiting to be explored. And not to forget, post study work permits and job placements can add a new dimension to the way of decision making!
If this may sound confusing and challenging, a bigger challenge awaits you in the form writing essays and SOPs, applying to get admission in the desired Universities, checking and meeting VISA requirements, clearing English language tests, clearing the interviews, applying for VISA, scholarships, preparation for accommodation, applying for post study work permits and immigration.

This is where we step in. After sending hundreds of students in various foreign countries, we apply our expertise and experience of over a decade to provide you a smooth journey for your studies as well as post study services in the foreign country. Contact us or click on “ apply now” form to schedule a free information session with our friendly and reputed consultants and let us take all the worries while you set on an academic journey in a new world.